Web & Mobile Development

Web & Mobile Development

Creating Internet Websites and Smart Phone Applications

These services have become basic ones in the world of business, where visiting an online website belonging to a certain party is no less important than visiting its actual facility. Smart phone applications are considered one of the most important selling points in our time. Moreover, web applications, like online portals, and smart phone applications, all facilitate many tasks.

Creating Internet Websites

In order to create a website capable of standing out among millions of already existing websites on the Internet, you definitely need our help to showcase your services and products in an attractive and untraditional way. Owning a comprehensive website makes communicating with your different clients much easier and paves the way for your business to enter the market.


Smart Phone Applications

LeQuatro’s team is a pioneer in the field of designing and developing smart phone applications capable of serving your brand and elevating its status in the local and international markets.

We provide programming services of different kinds, which include:

– Strategic plans and suggestions for mobile phone applications.

– Programming for different smart phone operating systems: Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

– Making the applications compatible with the different phones.


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