Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Building one’s brand and designing a unique website designated for it, is a good start. However, to ensure the success of the services that your facility provides and to be able to attract new clients, you will have to market on the Internet. LeQuatro is capable to make your brand the top in its field.

Search Engine Optimization

What is the use if someone searched for you or a service you provide but could not find anything?

In LeQuatro, we aim at enhancing the rate of appearance for your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others through implementing effective marketing strategies that we make available to you, which in turn attracts more visits to your website.

Content Creation/Creative Content

At LeQuatro, we make sure to provide you with the best content that reflects your brand and the services your facility provides in order to give the best first impression to any potential customer or client you might have. Our team works on formulating the content you wish for your clients to read; whether in print or online, while heeding the use of keywords that will boost the appearance rate of your website on search engines.

Manage Social Media Accounts

LeQuatro succeeded with excellence throughout its professional career in the field of managing social media pages, since their start in 2010. The company was among the first users of this tool in the process of marketing.

We also offer you the service to manage media campaigns on social media websites, creating the necessary content as well as providing the necessary designs for it, which fit with the nature of services or products that your facility provides. The said services also fit with the platform you choose to connect your business and clients or audience in order to interact well with them.

At LeQuatro, we believe in 6 main pillars necessary for the success of managing social media pages:

• Textual Content and Language of Communication

• Photography and Animated Videos

• Unique Graphic Design and Account Identity

• Interactive Responses

• Focusing on Using New Features Updated by Social Media Websites

• Using Sponsored Ads for Proper Targeting


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