Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Animation

The brand’s identity is one of the pillars of success for any facility. It is the part that rests in the minds of the people and their subconscious. In order to build a unique identity able to stand out among competitors, we will help you prepare the best strategy for your brand and will provide you with all the necessary resources to build the brand from scratch, starting from the search process and in-advance preparation through to design.


We realize that the slogan and brand are the base, and they are considered the first advertisement steps for any party, but we put them at the end of our services in order to assert that building a slogan or brand alone does not lead to the wanted fame.

At LeQuatro, we work on the making of creativity, which is why we always seek to employ our innovations as well as the most advanced technology in the field of design and visual production (info-graphic, video-graphic and motion graphic) in order to provide you with a visual and interactive content that supports your company and marketing plan.


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