We are LeQuatro

LeQuatro’s journey started with an idea !

LeQuatro was established in 2010 through individual efforts and with a clear vision.

Through the vision, LeQuatro was able to predict the future of marketing and expect a revolution in online marketing. The founders of LeQuatro are proud to be the first ones to work on employing social media websites in the field of marketing in the Middle East.

The group exerted great effort to challenge traditional patterns in the field of marketing at the time, taking the approach of showcasing its marketing services in the field of managing social media accounts to different parties, LeQuatro is a trademark registered for Al- Okeh Trading Services L.L.C

LeQuatro, from an idea into a reality!

In 2012, LeQuatro transformed from a group created through individual efforts into an organized company, especially after hiring a staff of experts in the different fields of marketing and advertising, and everything related to the two fields. The company aims to provide a set of comprehensive services to a wide base of local, regional and international clients, whose relation to LeQuatro is to be based on strategic relations built on the firm basis of trust and sustainability. The company also started providing the service to other advertisement agencies in the Middle East.

The Challenge Continues...

After succeeding in overcoming traditional patterns in the field of marketing, LeQuatro started a quest onto new challenges:

* Correcting incorrect common concepts and the thought that working in this field is very easy.

* Bringing back the power and authority of creative advertisement that simulates the culture of the targeted segment through sound scientific means.

* Changing the rules of the game and points of strength in the advertisement market.

Let´s talk

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