LeQuatro, through its advertisement team, seeks to elevate the quality of service provided to the client to a better level, in addition to promoting the service the client provides in the most elegant forms. Therefore, the client’s brand becomes famous more than before and also more profitable. This works through enhancing the brand’s image in the society’s mind, and thus increasing its sales, which is the main goal.

Planning Advertisement

LeQuatro’s team studies the segment that you would like to target through your advertisement, and will direct you to the best advertisement method that fits your budget and is compatible with the service your company provides.

Booking Media Outlets

LeQuatro succeeded with creating powerful and excellent bonds with owners of media outlets, which allows it to buy media outlet services with highly competitive prices. Therefore, choosing LeQuatro will ensure you getting the best quality with the least possible costs.

Public Relations

When it comes to media and public relations, LeQuatro is the first preferable choice for many local and international clients. We connect you to different media outlets and our expert team writes effective content that can express your brand well and the services you provide. Afterwards, the content will be published in newspapers, magazines and concerned websites. LeQuatro’s team also offers you the service of managing media campaigns, making available a team of professional photographers and producers.

Organizing and Managing Events

LeQuatro is able to plan and organize high-level conferences, meetings and exhibitions, all in a way that fits your vision and the expectations of your company, and through our partners in managing and coordinating events. The partners are able to carry out a complete comprehensive event from all service and marketing sides. LeQuatro provides you with all the necessary advanced tools and equipment that you might need during your event or the event you are participating in, and with competitive prices. 

Photography and Video Shooting

Advertisement, in all its kinds, requires regular photographing and images.

In light of the importance of mobile content in attracting the attention of the receiver and delivering the idea in a way closer to the targeted audience, your advertisement library must be supplied with a set of promo and documentary videos.


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